Rock Star Costumes – What It Takes to Replicate a Rock Look

Rock Star Costumes – What It Takes to Replicate a Rock Look
Rock star costumes are suitable for varieties of occasions, especially Halloween and themed party. Pulling off a fantastic rock look doesn’t need to be difficult or costly. It requires more creativity and attention to details. From your choice of clothing items to footwear and accessories, a rock star look is not an uphill task to achieve.
Distressed Jeans
Really rough-looking jeans are staple when it comes to pulling off a great rock star look. Particularly, you should go for distressed denim. If you want to save money, you can distress your old jeans to come up with the perfect jean for your rock look. For instance, you can shave over the edges of an old jean with a shaving razor. Then, make some small cuts on the jeans, so that you will achieve the worn-out look.
For women, miniskirts are favorite staple that would bring back the memories of back-in-the-days rock chicks. This is also true about short dresses. Miniskirts are equally regular staples even in the present time. And, adding a modern touch to your rock mini-skirt would make you look more stunning in your rock star outfit. Experiment with long socks or funny tights when it comes to layering the short dress or skirt.
Ankle Boots
Selecting the right shoes for your rock star costumes will help complement and accentuate your rock look. And, the suitable choices in this case include ankle boots, particularly brown, dark or black. Skate shoes can also work, including sneakers, canvas, and ballerina flats. There are lots of options for both males and female when it comes to shoes.
Statement Jacket
A statement jacket is a great addition to a rock star look, both for males and females. You can choose a favorite jacket to throw over your plaid shirt and complement your rock costume beautifully.
Some of the classic varieties you can choose from include black leather jackets featuring studs, and bomber jackets. However, for a typical rock star look, opt for an old-looking jacket from an online costume store or vintage store.