Relive the Past with 70s Costumes

Relive the Past with 70s Costumes

The 70s was definitely one of the decades of the past that went down in history as the “Happening Decade”. The 70s saw the hippie movement, huge Afros and disco fever, it is no wonder that most people love going retro with 70s costumes. Have you been invited to a 70s costume party? Here are a couple of the lovely 70s costumes that you can wear to the party.

Disco 70s Costume
One of the major happenings of the 70’s was DISCO! If you are thinking of wearing a slamming 70s costume, you will need to channel John Travolta, when he busted great moves on the dance floor in “Saturday Night Fever”. You should also wear bright colored clothing, the brighter the color, the better. A three piece suit made of synthetic material, like polyester will make a fab 70s disco costume. Select a suit that has a high rise vest with wide lapels. You can pair this with bell bottoms or flared pants. For footwear, platform shoes will do just fine. In the 70s, white platform shoes were the in-thing.

Hippie Look
The Hippie Movement was one of the major things in the 70’s. As a matter of fact, no movie, book or TV show about the 70s is complete without the mention of hippies.  This is why hippie costumes are a favorite choice for a 70s costume themed party. If you want to dress up as a 70s hippie, you should select psychedelic colored costumes. There are classic t-shirts available for men at many local and online costume stores – these t-shirts have the “Peace Sign” printed on them. Bell bottomed pants in bright colors and tie-dyed shirts are also a popular choice.  Wearing a vest over your outfit is also a cool hippie look.

For ladies, wearing a mini dress in a bright color is sure to get heads turning in your direction. For footwear, wear sandals or flip flops. Wearing the hair long and around the face is a typical hippie look. Sunglasses or tea shades that are a little bit transparent will add a nice touch to your look.  You should also not forget to flash the peace sign at the party.

The Beatles 70s Costumes
A great group dress up idea is the Beatles costume. This band went down in history as the world’s most influential band and reached its peak during the 70s. If you and three of your buddies are attending a 70s themed party, and want to dress up in costumes that would wow others, then wearing the Beatles costume is the right way to go. Classic Beatles costume consist of a black suit worn over white long-sleeved polo shirt. You can even get wigs to achieve the look to a t.

You will need to wear big hair or get a funky Afro wig to achieve the 70s look flawlessly. The 70s costumes will never go out of style.