You do not need to have a PHD in costume design to make creative Halloween costumes for yourself. There are so many ideas that you can borrow from if you wish to “do-it-yourself” rather than buying from a store. Let us look at some of the amazing 70s Halloween costumes you can create for yourself with a couple of items and just a few steps.


Wonder Woman

Items you need: T-shirt, blue tutu, red leggings, red, white and yellow felt, scissors, markers, glue


  1. Cut out the starts from the white felt and glue them on the tutu
  2. Use the red and yellow felt to create the cuffs and headpiece.
  3. Use marker to recreate the Wonder Woman symbol and attach to the t-shirt.
  4. Cut the leggings below the knee, throwing away the top piece. Voila!



Items you need: Long white dress, red paint, paint brush, fake blood, bucket, corsage


  1. Make the white dress look like it is covered in blood by splattering the red paint on it, using the bucket and paint brush.
  2. Cover your hair, face, chest and arms in fake blood. Scary huh!
  3. You can also do the same for a pet costume.


Disco Ball

Items you need: A very large ball, newspaper, silver spray paint, tin foil or mirrored stickers, silver fabric, scissors, glue.


  1. Using the newspaper and glue, papier-mâché the ball to form a robust disco ball, leaving openings at the top and bottom.
  2. Paint the entire ball silver using the spray paint.
  3. Cover the ball in tin foil or mirrored stickers.
  4. Create straps out of the silver fabric and attach to the inside of the disco ball.


Princess Leia

Items you need: White turtleneck, white gown with oversized sleeves, silver spray paint, belt, hairspray, two bun rings, comb


  1. Wear the turtleneck under the gown
  2. Cover the belt in silver spray paint.
  3. Make of your hair, two pig tails. Tease each one and roll up using the bun rings.

Ziggy Stardust

Items you need: face paint, red wig, shoulder pads, metallic long sleeve top and matching long sleeve top, glue, needle, thread, hairspray, gel, massive platform boots.


  1. Separate the arms of the shirt from the garment top. Trim the neckline in a way that it forms a deep V.
  2. Cover the shoulder pads and attach them to the garment using the extra fabric that was cut.
  3. Draw a lightning bolt on your face
  4. Shape the wig using the gel and hairspray.


Annie Hall

Items you need: White button-down shirt, tie, oversized black hat, vest, khaki pants, double-sized tape, scissors, flat shoes.


  1. In case the pants or button-down shirt is too long, cut off the excess and cuff them, hiding the raw edge with the double-sized tape.
  2. Dress up. Keep the tie long but do not stick them in your khaki pants.