70’s Costumes – The Punk Concept

70’s Costumes – The Punk Concept

70s costumes provide a great opportunity to bring back the memories of the 70’s dressing style and fashion. Even if you never lived in the 70s era, you can travel back in time and bring the fashion of the 70s right into the 21st century. This article will provide you with ideas on how to dress like the 70’s for your 70s themed party, Halloween or other events.

The following fashion trends were popular in the 70’s;

The Punk Phenomenon

Typically, the punk phenomenon made the headlines in the 70s. The punk fashion itself was inspired by anything anti-authoritarian in the 70s. The credit for the punk phenomenon would largely go to Malcom Maclaren and Vivian Westwood who were seen to be the pioneers of the punk movement. The punk phenomenon became highly influential and trailed on to the 1980s, and is back again in the 21st century.

You can find lots of punk accessories to go with the punk 70’s costumes. These accessories can match both homemade and store-bought punk costumes and outfits. If you want to embark on a homemade option, it is an easy thing to do.  You will need the following items for your homemade punk costume;

  • Old tops
  • Ripped jeans
  • Light chains
  • Safety pins
  • Pieces of tartan
  • Mohwak wig

How it works: The more rips you create on the jeans, the better. Use some pieces of tartan to patch up some of the holes you created on the jean – do the sewing from the inside of the jeans. You can attach a few safety pins to the holes that are left. Link the chains by passing them from one safety pin to another. Add some more creativities to it as you wish.

Makeup to Match Your Punk Costume

The punk 70’s costumes are complemented with punk makeup. You can only be limited by your own imagination when it comes to punk makeup. Get creative with your punk makeup to accentuate the punk look. Apply the eyeliner around your eyes and beyond. Go for bold bright color eyeliner and create some shapes to get some crazy looks with your punk makeup. You can draw some inspiration from Siouxsie Sioux and Toyah.

Punk Hair Style

Certain hairstyles are only best suited for the punk costume. Consider going for a multicolor Mohawk wig. Alternatively, you can use your natural hair to reflect the punk hairstyle. If you are using your hair, get very creative with it. For instance, use the modern hair sculpture products to gel and spike your real hair. Complement the look with color hairspray.

The 70’s costumes punk look can suit just any purpose – costume party, Halloween and other events. Just put your creative imagination at work to achieve the best result.

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