70’s Costumes Ideas for Everyone

70’s Costumes Ideas for Everyone

Just like the 20s, 80s and other previous eras, the 70’s were known for certain fashions and dressing styles unique to that era alone. Nowadays, the 70’s costumes are finding their ways back to the fashion scene. And, these costumes are suitable for different purposes such as 70’s themed party, Halloween, costume party, and even for casual look.  Get some ideas right here on different 70’s fashion and styles that you can bring in to the present dispensation.

70’s Bell Bottom or Flares

One of the popular fashions in the 70’s is known as Bell Bottom or Flared. Until the close of 1960, flared pants were only associated with sailors. This fashion trend became popular among the everyday people in the 1970s. It was a fashion imbibed by both men and women that lived in the 70s era. Many people added some embellishments to the bell bottomed wears just to highlight on the style.

Where to Get Flares?

Flares as part of 70’s costumes are fully back in the 21st century but in slightly modified forms. For instance, whereas people in that era wore their flared trousers shorter (at ankle length to reveal their footwear), today’s flared pants are worn longer. Since these clothing units have become a trend in today’s fashion world, you can find them in fashion stores that stock variety of clothing units. You can also find them in costume stores.

70’s Hippie Costumes

Hippies are among the popular fashion trends in the 70s. However, this fashion trend started in the 60s and lasted throughout the 70s decade. The hippy 70’s costumes come with tons of benefits such as the following;

  • They are not revealing
  • They offer comfort to the wearer since they do not generate heat
  • Both men and women can wear the hippie clothing

You can find these clothing units in virtually every size. So, even if you are on the big size, you will find something to suit you perfectly.  The hippie 70’s fashion can be matched with certain accessories such as giant spliffs, wigs, wacky weed, and peace medallions. You would usually find these accessories side by side the hippie clothing units in costume stores.

The 70’s Pimp Costumes

Also, the 70’s costumes featured pimps, frilled shirts, as well as suits. If you are looking for something to match a 70’s themed party perfectly, pimp costumes would meet your need. You will find the pimp clothing units in wide range of styles, including different fabrics such as fur and velvet. Pimps are not typically costume items for the 70s. Besides, they are closely associated with certain exaggerated film characters. But, they were worn in the 70s more than any other decade.

Pimps are designed to suit different classes of users – the budget conscious and the affluent class. So, you will surely find pimp 70’s costumes to suit your need.

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